Welcome to London Coworking Assembly

We are a crew of London Coworking space operators, managers, place-makers and instigators.

London Coworking Assembly

Is This Space For You?

We're a small and very diverse group of self-organised people who have been in and around London Coworking for the last decade. 

  • Our members run some of the most established independent coworking spaces in London. 
  • We are committed to building a fair and thriving coworking industry and movement. 
  • If you are looking for golf days, personalised number plates and long boozy lunches this is not the space for you. 
  • Not based in London? We're happy to hook you up with a group near you. This is London focused only.
  • Scroll down to find out what we are about and how to get involved. 

What To Expect

When you run a coworking space, you love it when members connect and collaborate! 

  • The London Coworking Assembly is the place for operators and workers to connect and do just that. 
  • You probably don't have the time or budget to spend a few days at a conference, but you would like to meet your peers and learn about what is happening in the industry. 
  • And now and then you'll need a hug from someone who understands the joy and pain of a coworking space. 
  • We meet for breakfast every month in a different coworking space and talk about everything to do with coworking. 
  • We run events, BBQ's and workshops with long term trusted partners from the coworking industry around the UK and Europe.
  • With us, you'll get signposted everything from solid training, research, software, legislation and support to thrive and keep on top of your game.  
  • There is no charge to join, but regular participation and contribution are expected to keep the Assembly valuable.

What Makes A Good Coworking Space?

Our friend Martha filmed some of our members on what makes a good coworking space tick.

This was one of our ongoing Inclusion, Diversity & Accessibility In Collaborative Workspaces events and was supported by GCUC UK and Huckletree West.

Supported Always By:

Our 2014 Origin Story


In 2014 we got back from the Copass Camp in Lisbon and knew we had to connect with other people in London who were in this 'new coworking thing'.

We'd found a place with rhythm and meaning to build a business or project and a groove to work in with other people. 

Coworking Values

The London Coworking Assembly runs on the original five core coworking values:

  1. Community.
  2. Openness.
  3. Collaboration.
  4. Accessibility.
  5. Sustainability.

Read more about them here from the original global community post.

We have an ever evolving code of conduct to keep an open space full of good energy and support. 

So, are you in? 

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